Wholesale Grower of Trees, including Oaks, Maples, Birch, Elms, Confiers Redbuds and more.

Demand Quality RootMaker Certified Liners

Southside Nursery specializes in container grown liners of ornamental flowering and shade trees, all vigorously growing on their own roots. We focus our efforts on the development of a straight, callipered liner, with a fibrous root system. We propagate all seedlings and cuttings in RootMaker® propagation trays, which air prune the roots, promoting a well branched root system. We are the best on the East Coast!!

The Root Maker Differerence:

  • Creates a fibrous, noncircling root system(without toxic chemicals) that has greater root tip surface area to increase absorption of water and nutrients
  • Promotes horizontal root branching
  • Accelerates plant growth while increasing vigor
  • Increases planting flexibility - survivability of planted liners
  • Increases your profits through rapid root establishment and reduced transplanting stress

Reliability and Quality

From the quality of our wholesale tree liners to personalized customer service our goal is to become the one vendor you can always rely on.  Give us a call and we'll demonstrate our committment to being the best. 

Landscaping Services

Residential Landscape Services in South Boston, Danville, Clarksville, Martinsville, Chatham, Chase City, Boydton, Keysville, Roxboro, Kerr Lake, Hyco Lake, Mayo Lake, and surrounding areas

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We are a full service landscape company dedicated to serving all of your landscape and property management needs. 

  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Custom Stone Work
  • Landscape/Property Management