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Professional Installation

Trees, Shrubs, & Sod Professionally Installed

Southside Nursery & Landscape Co. uses only the highest quality materials and plants avaiable.  Our staff searches the entire Southeast & Mid-Atlantic for the finest plant material available for each job.  Our staff is highly trained, and takes particular care to install your project correctly to ensure its longevity and your investment.

  • Trees - Large trees available for that instantly finished look
  • Shrubs - Quality shrubs to accent any landscape
  • Sod - Weed-free sod guaranteed to satisfy instantly
  • Mulch - Natural Shredded Hardwood & Color Enhanced Mulch to give you year-round beauty
  • Stone - Beautiful, smooth, River Rock for a permanent look

Southside Nursery & Landscape will guarantee all of our work for two years if you sign a landscape management contract with us after your landscape installation is completed.  Even if you decide to maintain your landscape yourself, or have another company maintain it for you, Southside Nursery & Landscape warranties all of our work for one year.  With this commitment, you can rest assured that our staff is committed to quality from the beginning to end of your job.