To learn more about a particular variety, click on the plant name to see additional information and pictures.  If you would like to view a certain tree category please select that tree from the drop down menu.

If you do not see a specific size of interest, please let us know as we may be able to accommodate your needs. Common sizes available from Southside Nursery are:

RootMaker Plug

The most important step of the our growing process. Air pruned roots set the foundation for a vigorous, well rooted plant. Typically 10-12" height 2x2x4" plug.

1Gal RootMaker

Unique design with air opening to promote air pruning, and ridges to prevent root circling. Typically yields 2-4' plants with excellent root system.

3 Gal RootMaker

Utilizes patented RootMaker desing to grow one of the most adaptable liners available. Great liner for field or container operations. Typically yields 5-6' lightly branched tree.

5 Gal RootMaker

A full 5g pot that promotes air pruning. Great liner for container operations. Typically yields 1" branched liner.